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Hearing Evalutation and Screening Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

60-90 Minutes

A Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation will assess levels of hearing in both ears throughout the pitch range for speech. It will also determine if the hearing loss is due to permanent nerve damage or some other medical condition needing assessment and intervention. In addition, the evaluation can also assess the patient’s ability to understand in background noise. The Hearing Evaluation will help determine the type and severity of the hearing loss as well as a measurement of understanding speech in quiet & noise.

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Hearing Screening

15 Minutes

A Hearing Screening measures hearing thresholds for a set number of frequencies. This test will only measure a limited number of frequencies, therefore, this test does not provide enough information to receive a doctor referral for hearing aid or other hearing loss solution strategies.

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The Difference Between A Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation and a Hearing Screening

A Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation assesses levels of hearing in both ears throughout the pitch range for speech. It is necessary to complete this before receiving a doctor’s referral for a hearing aid. A Hearing Screening will only measure hearing thresholds for a set number of frequencies. This means that it will not determine the source of hearing loss but only the presence of hearing loss. You must schedule a Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation to receive a doctor’s referral for a hearing aid or other hearing loss solutions.

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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Clean and Check

It’s important to keep hearing aids clean, dry, and free from wax and debris. When your hearing aids are cleaned regularly, it maintains the integrity of your hearing devices. This service includes an inspection and cleaning of receivers, domes, and filters combined with a listening check to verify the system’s integrity.

Note: These services are free of charge if the hearing aids are under a current service warranty.

Family Hearing Care has a Clean & Check Service drop-off option. This does not include an appointment with an Audiologist. Hearing Aids can be dropped off anytime during the day, and we will call you when they are ready.

A scheduled Clean & Check appointment with an Audiologist includes a hearing screening. We allow for 30 minutes for this type of appointment.

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Hearing Aid Orientation/Fitting Service

60 Minutes

A Hearing Aid Orientation is a thorough explanation of how to use, adjust, control, and maintain the hearing aids and any accessories fit by using Real Ear Measurements and providing owners manuals and support materials. Hearing Aid Orientations are best done with the patient, a significant other or caregiver present and participating.

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Hearing Aid Conformity

30 Minutes

The Hearing Aid Conformity appointment is a follow up to the Hearing Aid Orientation/Fitting to assess the hearing aid benefit. This is an opportunity to adjust the hearing aids and review their use, care, and maintenance.

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Hearing Aid Repair Services

After doing a thorough assessment of the hearing aid’s function, some in house repairs may be possible, usually in the same day. This service can include repairs like simple receiver replacements, tube changes, and general cleaning. Contact us to learn more about what in house repairs we offer.

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Other Family Hearing Services

Real Ear Measurement is a tool that measures how a hearing aid is being set to precisely fit a patient’s ear and hearing loss. A microphone is placed in the ear canal and measures the amount of amplification being applied to try and match a prescriptive target based on a particular hearing loss and the acoustics of the patient’s ear canal.

Family Hearing Care uses this measurement as a “best practice” protocol when adjusting hearing aids.

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Air Bone testing determines the type of hearing loss. Hearing loss may be sensorineural, conductive, or mixed. Sensorineural is nerve damage while conductive hearing loss is a medical condition that prevents sound from being conducted to the nerve. Mixed hearing loss is a combination of nerve damage and a medical condition.

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The removal of wax from an ear canal by instruments, irrigation, or a combination of the two. If too much ear wax builds up, it can block the ear canal and prevent sound waves from passing through to the inner ear from the outer ear. The result is conductive hearing loss—the name for hearing loss caused by issues within the ear canal, ear drum or middle ear. Ear blockage from wax can be a cause of conductive hearing loss.

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The following products are generally stocked and readily available:

  1. Replacement domes
  2. Filters
  3. Cleaning tools
  4. Batteries
  5. Drying Kits

Most accessories can be ordered and fit within a week if they are not in stock. This includes, but not limited to:

  1. Chargers
  2. TV Transmitters
  3. Personal Microphones

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An informal communication assessment is done at the initial Hearing Evaluation with an explanation of the results. Counseling as to communication strategies is also done at that time and is best understood when a partner, family member, or caregiver is participating in the appointment.

A formal communication assessment may be done at the Hearing Aid Evaluation appointment where the Audiologist will address communicative needs and try to recommend the best products and strategies to address those needs.

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Insurance Programs

Family Hearing Care is committed to transparency and helping patients get the most out of their insurance benefits. We strive to get the most accurate and up to date coverage by verifying patient benefits when details are provided prior to appointments. Because insurance benefits are a contract between the patient and insurance company, coverage quoted is based on knowledge given to us from the insurer and therefore not a guarantee of payment. To see if we work with your insurance carrier or hearing care plan, please call our office for assistance. Our friendly and informed staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Networks
  • Priority Health Network
  • United Health Care
  • TruHearing

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