Learn About Our Flex Hearing Aid Trial Program

Family Hearing Flex Program

Try Before You Buy

Family Hearing Care’s Flex Program is a Risk-free, no-cost hearing aid trial. As one of the few clinics certified to offer this Flex: trial program, we are excited to give our patients such a unique opportunity that lets them try hearing aids before purchase.

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Hearing Aid Trial in 3 Easy Steps

Step One: Try It

Try out a new hearing aid of your choice. It really is risk free, with no upfront cost.

Step Two: Wear It

Wear the new hearing aid at work, home, or anywhere to get a feel for how it works.

Step Three: Love It

Now, decide if you love the hearing aid and proceed with purchase or return it. It is really that easy!

Flex Hearing Aid Trial Program

The patient will come into our office for a comprehensive hearing evaluation with a licensed Audiologist to get started. The Audiologist will fit the patient with appropriate amplification for their hearing loss and send them home with trial hearing aids precisely programmed to their hearing needs and preferences. At the end of the trial period, the patient, with the support of the Audiologist, can decide whether to keep the hearing aids and continue with a purchase. If the patient does not want the hearing aids or does not find benefit from amplification, they can return them to us and owe nothing. It is that easy!

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