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"Dear Paul, Thank you so much for your help, kindness, and expertise in hearing aid process for my mother. Your patience and explanations were greatly appreciated as we work through this process. Your office atmosphere made us all very comfortable... You certainly worked very hard with us..." J.T., Traverse City, Sept 2018
Thank you so much for your help, kindness, and expertise
"I finally listened to my children about their concerns with regard to noticing I had hearing loss. My primary care doctor referred me to Family Hearing Care. I met with Dr.Hillary Toennies for testing. She was professional, efficient and explained the test results clearly. I was provided a test pair of hearing aids. From day one I was amazed at the difference in hearing I experienced. My insurance was not very generous with hearing aid coverage, but Peter Smith made some calls and found I could get better coverage. I was now in a price range compatible with my budget. It has been seven weeks since I started wearing my hearing aids. I could not be happier! It took no time for me to acclimate to them, whether at home, in large groups or talking on the cell phone. They are very inconspicuous. Should have listened to my children sooner!" - M. Meyer, Traverse City, 2018
I could not be happier!
"To Peter & Dr. Hillary: after more than 30 years of enjoying our Lake Leelanau home we have not been immune to health problems-fish hooks in the thumb, bee sting reactions, etc. but this year was the best. First I jumped in Lake Leelanau with the top of the line Phonak hearing aids, only to find via Google, that Family Hearing Care existed. One call got me to Peter who, the same day, totally repaired my "working" hearing aid and answered all my warranty questions, etc. and sent me home, totally satisfied and hearing normally. Two days later I got water in my "good" ear and couldn't get it out, overnight or the next day. I saved the brochure and noticed "Dr. Hillary" who, true to your word, worked me in the same day and, within one second of examination, determined my whole ear canal was cemented with wax, all the way to the eardrum, and assured me in the most friendly and professional manner that she could take on the task (that no audiologist or even primary care doctor) ever mentioned. I cannot describe the personal, reassuring and professional manner that she attacked the goal of clearing years of packed wax and carefully and painlessly removed it so that my eardrum was in view (for the first time ever) and the water in my ear no longer existed. Dr. Hillary, you go far beyond an audiologist and a hearing aid specialist-you exceed the expectations of anyone in your field, and I am so grateful for your care. Please keep my file for the future--you WILL see me again!!" - Mr. Mileham, Lake Leelanau Aug. 2018
you WILL see me again!!
"My husband and I have been grateful beyond words for the excellent professional and really caring service we have gotten at Family Hearing Care.   We had been to several audiologists before coming to your office and this has been the most positive, professional, and helpful experience of all. We recommend you frequently." Mr. & Mrs. M - Traverse City, July 2018
The most positive, professional, and helpful experience…
Sharing my experience at Family Hearing Care is my pleasure. I have been wearing Unitron hearing aids for 6 months. WOW!  Before my hearing aids, I had forgotten many common sounds. NOW Things Are CLEAR AGAIN. This is thanks to the audiologists and staff. Why?  They are caring professionals with knowledge, teaching skills, patients encouraged to participate, and patience. Call or drop-in, I am received with a prompt greeting, service, and care. Thank you,  Susan T. Schultz
"I have become familiar with the Family Hearing Care practice through the care of my elderly mother. Dr. Hanrahan is so patient with her and takes the time to make sure that her hearing aids are working at their optimum level. Recently, she entered assisted living, where her phone communication is her cell phone. She has been struggling to hear on it and was feeling frustration and isolation. Our appointment had just begun, with mom explaining her situation, and Dr. Hanrahan had a solution! He lent her their demo "bluetooth" device while they ordered one for her. We picked it up today. Mom can communicate with her cell phone easily now. I can't say enough about not only Dr. Hanrahan, but also Peter who runs the office. A most pleasant experience every single time." - Traverse City 2018
“A most pleasant experience every single time…”
"I can hear so well, I think I might be able to read minds... I know that it is too early to pass judgment, but my hearing is vastly improved by the hearing aids that you provided... I couldn’t be happier." D. H. Traverse City 2018
“I can hear so well, I think I might be able to read minds…”
"Although I have worn bilateral hearing aids for over forty years. My recent experience with Family Hearing Care has been outstanding. My first appointment for an evaluation was prompt, complete and revealing. I choose to get new aids which have re-opened sounds which  I have been missing for years.  I am pleased with their professionalism, diagnosis, and treatment.  They have exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them." - Jack Klang,  Suttons Bay Michigan
Family Hearing Care has been outstanding…
"To The Team,
Thank you so much for seeing me and "hearing" me on such short notice. I am pleased; an outstanding job indeed"
-T.R. Traverse City
I am pleased; an outstanding job indeed
To the entire staff of Family Hearing Care… Thank You ! I am not writing this about the improvement in
the quality of life for my Dad, Darrell L. Holmes, Sr. ; I am writing to thank you for the improvement in the
quality of life for his family and everyone who crosses his path now.
My dad has suffered from hearing loss since as long as I can remember. I used to think he suffered from
“not listening!” Come to find out, he really couldn’t hear well, and the hearing loss grew progressively
worse as he got older. He tried many hearing devices and hearing aids but they never worked effectively
or didn’t work for long. The hearing device he purchased from you has changed his life and ours!
My mother suffered the most from his hearing loss, living with a television turned up to maximum and
having additional speakers screaming from around the house. She also has repeated everything loudly in
his face for years. Everything! My dad also couldn’t hear his phone ring even when it was in his chest
pocket. If he did hear it, he couldn’t hear it once he answered. So every time anyone wanted to call
and tell him something, we all just called mom and had her yell it to him. Now, all of that has changed
and my dad life has changed, thanks to the device he purchased from you.
He would never admit it, he is fairly stubborn, but he is even much happier. My mother and their dog are
also much happier, as well as everyone who visits them during a baseball game, CNN special report, or
when an old rerun of Hee Haw is playing. The walls of the house aren’t shaking from the speakers and
we can carry on conversations while the television is playing, between innings and commercials that is.
My parents also raved about the family atmosphere of your practice. They couldn’t have been happier or
more satisfied with the service and hearing ability for my dad you provided and sold them. While the
device isn’t cheap, the quality of life for my family was worth it. At least to me, they paid for it!
Thank You for what you’ve done for my Dad, Mom (Kaye), Pippen (Their prized Newfoundland puppy),
and the rest of the family. Yes, in that order.
Darrell L. Holmes, Jr.
Improvement in the quality of life for his family and everyone… Thank You for what you’ve done for my Dad
"Having escorted my centenarian mother to the Family Hearing Center, I can attest to high quality of professionalism we experienced. Dr. Toennies could not have been kinder, smarter, or more skilled, patient and patient-centered, thorough, and understanding. My mother came in stone deaf and depressed, and left hearing, happy, energized, and her old self. To the old question we read in Scripture -- "Who is this who makes the deaf to hear?" -- doubtless a correct answer is: "Hillary Toennies". " - C. Bennison, Traverse City
High quality of professionalism we experienced. Dr. Toennies…
"If you are considering hearing aids, definitely consider Dr. Paul as your audiologist! His expertise, patience, and good nature makes him a best choice when it’s time to consider this important decision. I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Paul and his office staff for making a noticeable improvement in my hearing health. Go see Peter and Paul!" - Lyn, Traverse City 2017 
I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Paul
"I was reluctant to do anything with my hearing after my testing at a big box retailer. My wife and kids kept after me as I was happy in denial - lip reading.  In fact, I was considering retirement and looked forward to little less complexity in my world, a simpler existence.  I own a large company and thought it was time, it's hard to keep up. The question was posed to me, what if you are watching the grand-kids and cannot hear them?? This got my attention - OK, I agree it's time. Dr. Paul was thorough and very helpful with all my questions during and after the comprehensive, professional testing.  I agreed to take some loaners and test them out. The loaners were a total game changer!  I could not relate any analogy that would serve this gain in my world justice.  I'm totally enthused about work again and apologized to my staff for being so kind after all these years of repeating their words. I even hear now in crowded restaurants which was always my worst environment. The super cool connection to my phone and ability to custom tailor to your environment is superb.  Each time I went back to Dr. Paul, he patiently explained how we can continue to refine and optimize for my world. I wear them every day, I'm not even 60 yet and likely needed these 20 years ago.  Dr. Paul and staff at Family Hearing in Traverse are pro's we recommend them fully.  Life just got a whole lot better for me and all my many connections!" - Jeff Suttons Bay,  MI
The loaners were a total game changer!
"I am delighted with the work Dr Paul Hanrahan did in diagnosing and fitting me with my hearing aids.  I have had them for six months and am amazed at how simple they have been to use and so appreciative of the improvement in my quality of life.   Dr. Hanrahan not only provided me with the right product but spent a generous amount of time explaining the science and physiology supporting his diagnosis. I would recommend him to my own family members and closest friends."  - Carl
I would recommend him to my own family members and closest friends…
"Having worked in construction or related jobs all my life, it was suggested (by wife), I needed to get my hearing checked. I had long noticed your ad in the Record-Eagle. I have received many invitations in the mail with coupons worth $1,000.00 - to $1,500.00 off a purchase price, plus seeing half page ads in the paper.
When seeing this, it kind of turned me off. As Dr. Paul said, somebody has to pay for these ads - Guess who?
After I was given a test. Dr. Paul explained the reason for the different ranges of hearing loss and explained how your firm operates: Testing aids before buying. He suggested coming back in a couple years. Such honesty! I'll be back and still strongly recommend your firm.
Thanks again - See you in 2020." - Bill
When seeing this half page Ad… somebody has to pay for these Ads – Guess who?!
"We are very pleased with the services and care available through Family Hearing Care.  Dr. Paul and the staff take our needs seriously... we don't feel as though we are just clients but that they are as concerned as we are when it comes to optimal hearing quality. They have exceeded what we would expect from a hearing care provider. It is with great pleasure that we recommend Family Hearing Care for all your hearing needs." -D. Ward   
Exceeded what we would expect from a hearing care provider…
"My son started seeing Dr. Paul Hanrahan when we moved from Colorado about three years ago. He was 10 at the time. My son had dealt  with chronic ear issues with no real diagnosis. At the time, being new to the town we walked into Family Hearing Care office with a mangled and clogged hearing aid tubing due from our move. We had not yet had our Insurance registered in Michigan. We walked in and I explained our situation.   Dr. Hanarahan kindly introduced himself and without hesitation fixed my sons hearing aid with no questions asked, only reassuring my son he would be happy to fix it.  The kindness he showed that day to my son who was already nervous being in a new area made him feel good about the community and at that moment there was no doubt that my son wanted his care thru Dr. Hanrahan. We returned to Dr. Hanrahan once we were settled to get my sons hearing tested and for full evaluation/history and continued care.  In that visit Dr.  Hanrahan updated my son’s hearing aid and did full screening. He then recommended my son see a local ENT.  From there my son was referred down to Michigan Ear Institute were he ultimately got the diagnosis that Dr.  Hanrahan suspected. My son finally had the ear surgery and diagnosis that was long overdue and never recognized in any other multiple previous evaluations my son had in the past. Dr. Hanrahan assisted in my sons continued care. My son was so grateful for a Dr. Hanrahan that recognized and knew he needed more extensive work up and referred him to where he needed to be for his situation. My son has been free of his lifelong chronic ear issues!" - K. Lewis, Traverse City
My son finally had the ear surgery and diagnosis that was long overdue and never recognized in any other evaluations…
Dr. Paul Hanrahan listens to and is respectful of my questions and comments in choosing and then programming hearings aids. As much as he is the expert, Dr. Hanrahan also takes into account my ideas. He doesn't give me a sideways glance if I suggest something unconventional. He just takes it in stride and considers my question. He takes careful notes during an appointment if questions arise that he wants to follow-up on. It seems just plain natural for Dr. Hanrahan and not forced --- to listen, be respectful and responsive. This quality of working as a team puts me at ease. I do not have to jockey to be heard. Thank you! - C. S. Traverse City
It seems just plain natural for Dr. Hanrahan and not forced…
I am a lifelong outdoor sports enthusiast (hunting/fishing/boating/ shooting sports). And as I reached my middle 70’s, I realized I was missing out on hearing many of the sounds in the fields and woods, which were very important to me as a sportsman. The sound of a grouse flushing, the distant gobble of a big gobbler in the spring woods and the sounds of a big buck walking up behind my stand on Opening Day. Also, hearing my bird dog’s bells as they ranged through the thick woods of early grouse season. And conversing with fellow sportsmen when shooting skeet or sporting clays, while wearing top tier hearing protection on the range.
My search for a topnotch hearing protection/ sound amplification device lead me to the Sound Gear Custom in ear devices and Dr. Paul Hanrahan at Family Hearing Care. Dr Hanrahan is a true professional and provides top tier services. He patiently explained the many features of Sound Gear Customs, how they shut down gunfire sounds instantaneously, and offered a 60 day trial period for me to try them out at the range and in the woods. He expertly crafted molds of both my ears and sent them off to Starkey. In a short time, the devices came back and fit my ears perfectly. They worked excellent at the range and in the grouse woods. I can hear the “brrrrrrr” of a big grouse flushing in the woods for the first time in years! I can hear my dog’s bells at any range, very important for keeping track of them. I can converse with fellow sportsmen at the range safely and can hear voices clearly, for the first time in years. I wish all fellow shooters and sportsmen would avail themselves of the excellent hearing protection technology available today. And, if my regular hearing aids need to be serviced, I can wear the Sound Gear devices in social situations and hear well then too.
Rodney L. Robison, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.P.
A true professional and provides top tier services…
There are times in one's life when we go hunting for treasure. Well, I found a diamond in Dr. Paul Hanrahan of Family Hearing Care. At the insistence of my wife and her frustration of me not hearing her clearly, we jumped into the abyss of finding help for my hearing. Out of the clear blue we scheduled an appointment at Family Hearing Care as a starting point. It became apparent from that first moment, that I had truly found my diamond in the rough. Dr. Paul's demeanor and caring professionalism was truly a remarkable experience. Kudos also to Peter, in the office. He has gone out of his way to help me with many odds and ends. This helpfulness comes from a business that truly care about their clients. Since my most positive experience, we have also fitted my 96 year old mother-in-law with hearing aids. Whenever hearing aids come up in conversation, we say there is only one place to go, Family Hearing Care." Darryl Milarch - Traverse City
Whenever hearing aids come up in conversation, we say there is only one place to go, Family Hearing Care…
"I was referred to Dr. Paul Hanrahan by a friend who recently received new hearing aids and was so marveled by the new technology as well as the character and professionalism of the Doctor. I could not pass up the opportunity to confirm these attributes in addition to the fact that I could not hear very well! True to form, my first meeting with Dr. Paul was an astounding success. His thoroughness, knowledge and understanding were incredible. He was so empathetic and dedicated to improving my hearing problems of long standing. After wearing aids for the last 10 years, the new technology he offers is unbelievable! More importantly, it has changed my quality of life so much for the better!I can hear again!! Discerning what is going on around me now is a real awakening. Sounds- from my family, friends, church environment and even quiet moments are enhanced significantly by what Dr. Paul has done for me. To hear the crackling pages of a newspaper or book as I turn the page, the drip of a water faucet, the chirp of a bird, the soft tones from my loving wife...how wonderful again! Thanks Dr. Paul, I am forever indebted to you."
Bob Marth - Glen Arbor
Dr. Paul was an astounding success…
Last week I was fitted with Unitron Moxi Fit Pro's by Family Hearing Care. They are by far the best fit and sound I have ever had in a hearing aid. They Bluetooth to my I phone, it's like having my own private concert when streaming music, if a call comes in, with a push a button on my shirt, I receive calls hands free in surround sound. I had lost my previous hearing aides to a recent Resort fire.
When I called Peter, he quickly sent me pictures and colors of the technology I desired. This was on a Thursday afternoon, Monday, Peter called and said they were in. On Tuesday Paul perfectly fitted them and adjusted them wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. This is what I call service.
Thank you Peter and Ed for your thoroughness and speed.
- David Bickley
This is what I call service…
I am very pleased with my experience at Family Hearing Care. Dr.Paul and his staff took great care explaining the process from beginning to end. From the very first visit I was set at ease about the apprehensiveness I had getting hearing aids. Tamal Lindsa - Traverse City 
Dr.Paul and his staff took great care explaining the process from beginning to end…
My husband, who has been wearing hearing aids for about 30 years, was disappointed with the results he had been getting with his aids but resigned to the idea that he would never be able to participate in group conversations again. At the time he came to see Dr. Hanrahan, at my insistence, he was wearing a new set of hearing aids from a local representative of a national brand for a short trial.  I could not notice the difference between those and the ones from the same firm he had been wearing presently. Since we do not live in Traverse City I went on line to research what was available there.  The only thing we knew in making the appointment at Family Hearing Care with Dr.Hanrahan was that he had some favorable comments on his site from happy clients.  Since the comments of others were a benefit to us I wanted to let others know our experience with Dr. Hanrahan and Peter. My husband has been wearing his new aids for several months now and they have improved his life (and mine!) more than any hopes or expectations we had. Dr. Hanrahan spent several hours with us.  He answered our questions patiently giving complete and understandable answers. We will never go anyplace else for hearing aids and we are happy to recommend Dr. Hanrahan. Thank you Dr. Hanrahan for improving our lives.  Only someone with a severe hearing loss (and their family) could truly appreciate what you have done for us. Marti and Sam Somsel - Manistee MI
Improved his life (and mine!) more than any hopes or expectations we had…
It is a pleasure to write a letter for Family Hearing Care. My experience could not have been more enjoyable-perhaps a surprising adjective, but Dr. Paul’s initial interest in my hearing situation, his careful explanation of his findings coupled with his expertise in adjusting my hearing aids earned him that term. Additionally, the benefits of the two week free trial of these aids, the free supply of batteries and the  choice of an additional device all contributed to my total satisfaction. Before seeking a new health professional I usually do some research but I didn’t do that this time. However, I could not have had a better experience or be more pleased with Dr. Paul Hanrahan, whom I will look forward to meeting again with next summer when I will again be in Michigan. Susie of Gladstone - New Jersey
I could not have had a better experience or be more pleased with Dr. Paul Hanrahan…
As soon as I started wearing my hearing aids from Family Hearing Care (familyhearingtc) I no longer had to ask anyone to repeat what they said. I’ve heard every word spoken to me for the two weeks since I have been wearing them all day long. i also hear the birds tweeting in our back yard for the first time in at least a decade. Thank you,
Bill Storrer
No longer had to ask anyone to repeat… also hear the birds…
"Mom is super happy with the new hearing aids, wearing them all the time!" D. Sherman -London England
Mom is super happy…
I was skeptical of the whole hearing aid idea and was put off by one of the big stores tactics. I then went to Dr Paul Hanrahan and found out how a real audiologist and caring doctor can turn it into a totally positive experience. He is fantastic at explaining everything and doesn't try to up sell. He is a doctor, not a salesman. Thank you Dr Paul Rick, South Boardman MI
He is fantastic at explaining everything and doesn’t try to up sell…
"I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you" to Family Hearing Care.  Having been referred by friends and a local physician, I was told, "This is the BEST facility to address your hearing concerns".....I have not been disappointed with that assessment.  I had been aware of experiencing difficulty with picking up details of conversations for some time, but I dismissed it as "normal" aging (I am 62 y.o.).  Recently my friends and family noted that over time, despite typically being a very social and spontaneous person), I had become somewhat disengaged with people.  They began to recognize that I had not been understanding or hearing conversations therefore I could not respond or interact as I once had done.  The hearing evaluation confirmed a significant enough loss that bilateral aids were recommended.  Dr. Hanrahan provided a most comprehensive evaluation, explanations of all procedures, findings, and recommendations to be sure I had a thorough understanding of all variables to be considered.  When I took advantage of the "demo" aids, I was shocked and overwhelmed at the difference in my experience of our world.  As a professional musician and a mental health professional, I depend upon incoming auditory information to determine how to respond, both musically and verbally.  I literally did not know what I had been missing.  I also came to realize how exhausting it had become for me to attempt to interpret what people were saying  thus relied upon visual cues, gestures, lip movement, etc. to comprehend my environment.  With the assistance of hearing aids, when I was first able to hear the full tones of my wife's voice, music that I make with my friends, birds singing, and even the clicking of my car's turn signal, I knew this was a life-changing experience.
Thank you Family Hearing Care for you personal and professional service and ongoing support.  My life is forever improved thanks to you." Marshall Cronican-Walker
This is the BEST facility to address your hearing concerns…
I want to thank Dr. Hanrahan for the exceptional care he provided for my 91 year old mother.  My mother did not have a good experience with another local hearing clinic and she was VERY skeptical about another evaluation because of her last experience.  I convinced her to try Family Hearing Care and from the first phone call to schedule an appointment -- to her hearing evaluation - the difference was truly evident.  The entire staff treated my mom with the utmost respect and gave her a thorough examination and explained  everything in terms my mom would understand.  I know my mom's quality of life will be enhanced because of the care she received at Family Hearing Care.  With a very grateful heart. . . . .thank you.
Jane LaRue, LMSW
from the first phone call… the difference was truly evident
My Family Hearing Care's first appointment with Dr. Paul Hanrahan and his in-depth screening and comprehensive evaluation have been truly exceptional in every way -- informative, helpful, relaxed, caring, and dedicated. Dr. Paul provided me, and my family, with a thoughtful, step-by-step, caregiver review of my test results and hearing needs. My assessment included an extended conversation and consultation about my assisted hearing options, my ongoing communication challenges with suggestions for improvement, the full range of hearing aid technology choices, all capped by Dr. Paul and Family Hearing Care’s continuing care, patient counseling, and “try before you purchase” services. I am so thrilled that my new hearing aids have provided me with the renewed ability and wonderful capacity to hear and be engaged with my family, friends, and to once again fully experience my surroundings – both indoors and out-of-doors – for the first time in many, many years. We are delighted to recommend and refer Paul Hanrahan and Family Hearing Care’s staff and services to our friends, colleagues, and family members who are in need of hearing help! Tom & Diane Emling
I am so thrilled… Delighted to recommend Paul Hanrahan
My experience with Dr. Paul Hanrahan has been exceptional. I was skeptical about hearing aids initially. But at my first visit was amazed at the technology available. Paul is a dedicated, very knowledgeable caregiver who spent hours with me explaining, and instructing me in the complex technology available to me. My new hearing aids have improved my connection to my family, (especially grandchildren),  and reduced the stress of communicating with my patient wife. I am a musician and a music lover and my involvement and listening to music is much improved. At 77, I have friends who need hearing aids and I am spreading the word about a great audiologist with a great "bedside" manner. Having practiced Orthopaedic  Surgery for 40 years, I know how important that is.
Dr. David Lint, MD
My experience… has been exceptional
Wanted to convey our gratitude for my improved hearing. My wife is happy to have been proven right again... You both have been pleasant to deal with and very helpful in the matter. Thank You Richard Riffenburg   
Wanted to convey our gratitude…, -Richard Riffenburg
Couldn't be happier Thanks for taking such great care of your clients You are constantly on top of the hearing technology. Never stopping. Family Hearing Care is #1 in our book and should be in everyones. They don't know what they are really missing out on. Every one should have your # handy Just a call away. They will be glad they called and set up appointment. You won't believe the difference. We are glad to have found Family Hearing Care. Not just business but FAMILY Jan Phelps
Not just business but FAMILY, -Jan Phelps
Excellent care!!! Thank you Paul. Janet Ruggles
Excellent care!!!, - Janet Ruggles
I had the fortune of selecting Family Hearing Care when I realized that I needed hearing help. I was treated by a family business that treated me like family. I appreciate all that they did for me and highly recommend Family Hearing Care to anyone who needs hearing help. Gary Garton
family business that treated me like family, - Gary Garton
Dr. Hanrahan is a real professional who is highly knowledgeable as well as a caring physician. I have been very happy with the Resound LiNX 9 hearing aids from Family Hearing Care and delighted to be able adjust volume, treble/bass, and change programs from my iPhone Resound app. I happily recommend everyone to Dr. Hanrahan because I know they will be very pleased with the outcome! Brad Thompson
Very happy with the Resound LiNX 9, - Brad Thompson
Always professional and knowledgeable about hearing and tinnitus.
Dr. Patrick Friedli, MD
Always professional, - Dr. Patrick Friedli, MD
"... You changed a whole families life yesterday, in helping ( & caring so deeply) for my father.  A million Thanks !" - The Becketts  
A million Thanks !, - The Becketts
Dear Dr. Hanrahan & Staff,  Thank you so much for the kindness and care you gave my mom. -anonymous
Dr Hanrahan is the best! With over 25 years at Munson, I trust him with my family's hearing. Tracy Kurtz 
25 years at Munson, - Tracy Kurtz
Genuine Family Business!!!!   Jason Loudermilk
Genuine Family Business!!!!
With all of my heart, i wish my former colleague's much success and happiness in this endeavor. They epitomize the very best in patient care and excellence in our profession.This is the dream team of Audiologists.....northern Michigan is fortunate to have this exemplary team taking care of our families. Dee Ann Westman-Yancho
Dream Team of Audiologists, - Dee Ann Westman-Yancho
Great experience ! Both my husband and myself completed hearing evaluations. We were not rushed at all. Care was taken to completely explain our hearing capacity and losses, and how that impacts our communication. We were provided with many options and solutions.  I was impressed that they have staff available to research insurance possibilities. Catherine Connolly
Great Experience !, - Catherine Connolly
Dr. Harnahan is a respected colleague and an excellent Audiologist. I would recommend Dr. Harnahan without hesitation. Dr. Stelios Dokianakis
Excellent Audiologist, - Dr. Stelios Dokianakis
Paul and Ed both worked with my father, Dr. Denton Nelson, and he always had nothing but the best to say about them.  They give high quality care and great personal service! Very excited to see your new business venture! Congratulations! My dad (Dr. Nelson) would be so proud of you guys! Kristin Nelson O'Brien
Quality care and great personal service!, - Kristin Nelson O'Brien
I find Dr. Hanrahan to be an outstanding audiologist! Dr. hanrahan's excellent care and the staff was so helpful! I will be back! Abby Hallford  
Excellent Care
We are very satisfied with the service & personal care given at Family Hear Care. Oran & Jane  
Very Satisfied, - Oran & Jane
Family Hearing Care, Is a family indeed.  Once you enter their doors you are hooked for life. Lovingly, The Phelps Bob & Jan  
A Family Indeed, Bob & Jan