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Hearing Protection for Hunting & Shooting Sports

Custom Active Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is a basic fundamental of firearm safety…

Family Hearing Care always offers FREE foam hearing protection.

Yet Hunters need situation awareness and hearing is critical to effective hunting. Hunters simply don’t want to wear hearing protection if it diminishes how well they can hear and locate deer, turkey or other game. Custom Active Hearing Protection is the best option to save your hearing while improving a hunter’s ability to hear game, or simply enjoy a conversation in the blind, on the shooting range or clay course, without the need to remove hearing protection.

How does it work? Custom Active Hearing Protection use sound wave phase cancellation coupled with sophisticated electronic compression for loud sounds while amplifying speech and other non damaging softer sounds.

Click here to read Dr. Paul Hanrahan’s article in the July 2015 edition of Ducks Unlimited Magazine



Starkey Hearing Technologies – SOUNDGEAR

Each SoundGear instrument features advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound 8X over traditional hearing protection products, and uses seamless sound activated compression to trigger instant and automatic suppression of any noise over 95dB.


  •   Suppresses noise at 95dB
  •   30dB of Gain
  •   24dB NRR
  •   3 millisecond attack and release time
  •   HearClear Wax Protection System
  •   1 year repair warranty
  •  Size #13 Battery


SoundGear Custom comes in two different technology levels:



  • Volume Control
  • Memory Button
  • 4 Digital Listening Modes (Normal, High-Frequency Boost, Telecoil, Mute)
  • MSRP: $1,200 per pair
  • Family Hearing Care Patient’s Discounted Price: $1,000.00 (pair)





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  • Volume Control
  • 1 Digital Listening Mode (Normal)
  • MSRP: $1,000 per pair
  • Family Hearing Care Patient’s Discounted Price: $850.00 (pair)


Package(s) include:

  • Base-Line Hearing Test
  • Professional Ear Mold Impressions, ensuring the best possible fit
  • Fitting and Orientation of the Hearing Protection in our office
  • 1 year Warranty




Traverse City’s Own Altus Bands – Pro-Ears

Altus Brands located on US 31 in Grawn MI is a family of companies who manufactures innovative products for the outdoor enthusiast, including BenchMaster, Extreme Dimension, Cass Creek, Kwikee Kwiver and Pro Ears.  Made in the USA from a company here in Northern Michigan. 


Pro Ears Pro-Fit Custom Molded Shooting Hearing protection.

Key Features:

  • Custosingle_landing (1)m made for the user
  • Eight Channels
  • User adjustable volume control with On/Off switch
  • Dynamic directional microphone
  • 4 Listening Modes
  • Push button memory selector
  • #13 battery
  • MSRP $1499.00 (excluding the cost of Impressions from an Audiologist) 
  • Family Hearing Care Patient’s Discounted Price: $1400.00 (pair)


Package includes:

  • Base-Line Hearing Test
  • Professional Ear Mold Impressions, ensuring the best possible fit
  • Fitting and Orientation of the Hearing Protection in our office
  • 1 year Warranty



I am a lifelong outdoor sports enthusiast (hunting/fishing/boating/ shooting sports). And as I reached my middle 70’s, I realized I was missing out on hearing many of the sounds in the fields and woods, which were very important to me as a sportsman. The sound of a grouse flushing, the distant gobble of a big gobbler in the spring woods and the sounds of a big buck walking up behind my stand on Opening Day. Also, hearing my bird dog’s bells as they ranged through the thick woods of early grouse season. And conversing with fellow sportsmen when shooting skeet or sporting clays, while wearing top tier hearing protection on the range.
My search for a topnotch hearing protection/ sound amplification device lead me to the Sound Gear Custom in ear devices and Dr. Paul Hanrahan at Family Hearing Care. Dr Hanrahan is a true professional and provides top tier services. He patiently explained the many features of Sound Gear Customs, how they shut down gunfire sounds instantaneously, and offered a 60 day trial period for me to try them out at the range and in the woods. He expertly crafted molds of both my ears and sent them off to Starkey. In a short time, the devices came back and fit my ears perfectly. They worked excellent at the range and in the grouse woods. I can hear the “brrrrrrr” of a big grouse flushing in the woods for the first time in years! I can hear my dog’s bells at any range, very important for keeping track of them. I can converse with fellow sportsmen at the range safely and can hear voices clearly, for the first time in years. I wish all fellow shooters and sportsmen would avail themselves of the excellent hearing protection technology available today. And, if my regular hearing aids need to be serviced, I can wear the Sound Gear devices in social situations and hear well then too.
Rodney L. Robison, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.P.