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Family Hearing Care Articles

Family-Centered Adult Audiologic Care

Family-Centered Adult Audiologic Care: A Phonak Position Statement Research | Hearing Review originally posted from: http://www.hearingreview.com/2016/03/family-centered-adult-audiologic-care-phonak-position-statement/ Recommendations for moving toward a family-centered model in...

Rechargeable Hearing Aids and Retrofit Kits

Rechargeable Hearing Aids and Retrofit Kits – A Look At The Options Posted January 2nd, 2017 by David Copithorne – General. In the past rechargeable hearing aids options were limited and the cost was considerably more than traditional disposable batteries.   A new...

Buyer Beware: Warranties Not Honored By Online Retailers

update: June 9th, 2017 FROM GN ReSound http://www.resound.com/en-US/internet-sales-policy Internet sales policy At ReSound, we believe our hearing aids will only deliver their full benefit to an end user when they are fit and maintained by a licensed professional. We are...

(Tinnitus) The Sound That Comes From Nowhere

The Sound That Comes From Nowhere Millions of people have a ringing in their ears—a condition called tinnitus—often with no discernible cause. JULIE BECK JAN 21, 2016 Share Tweet Published from The Atlantic.com, used for educational purposes.  please visit the source for further...

Audiologist with Hearing Loss

In 2004, pediatric audiologist Allyson Sisler-Dinwiddie plunged into a world of silence after a car accident damaged her hearing. Under the care of hearing researcher Rene Gifford, she became one of the first test subjects of a new technique to improve cochlear implants, devices...

Mother who thought she was going deaf discovers she’s had a brain tumour for seven YEARS

“If I was not diagnosed it would have kept growing and eventually killed me because there’s not that much room in your head for a brain and a tumour” – Liz Kirtley, 45 By KATE PICKLES FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 05:43 EST, 25 January 2016 | UPDATED: 18:56...

Believing was Easy

By Bill Dickinson be·lief (noun) 1. The state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence. For a child, belief in what cannot be seen can be magical, hence gift bearing bearded men dressed in red, egg dropping bunnies...