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Caption Phones

About CapTel Phones

Read and understand while still hearing their voice.

Ideal for people with some degree of hearing loss, the Captioned Telephone, or CapTel, works like any other telephone with one important addition: It displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. CapTel phone users can listen to the caller, and can also read the written captions in the CapTel’s bright display window.


CapTel Captioned Telephones

CapTel phones help people with hearing loss re-connect over the phone by showing word-for-word captions of everything a caller says. It’s like the captions you see on TV, only for your phone conversations.


CapTel is easy to use. It works the same way you’d use any other telephone. If you can’t hear what someone says, simply read the captions.

Free Service

CapTel works with a free Captioning Service to transcribe everything the other person says into written words. There are no monthly fees, no service agreements. Your monthly phone bill doesn’t change.

See Our In Office Demo

Visit our office to Demo the most advanced CapTel phone available with many options:

bright strobe light ringer, large touch screen display, speakerphone and Bluetooth that connects directly to your hearing aids.