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Buyer Beware: Warranties Not Honored By Online Retailers

April 21, 2017


ReSound, one of the largest manufactures, issued a statement to its distribution network promising to void all hearing aid warranties associated with the unauthorized online direct-to-consumer hearing aid online retailers.

BuyHear.com Hearing Aid Warranties

Statement from ReSound

You may have recently heard about, or been impacted by, the activities of buyhear.com, a group that sells hearing instruments directly to consumers despite being unauthorized to do so by ReSound.

ReSound believes that individuals suffering from hearing loss should seek assistance from an authorized, licensed hearing care professional to ensure they receive the best quality of care. Because buyhear.com continues to sell hearing instruments without being authorized to do so, ReSound will not honor or service any warranty associated with a hearing instrument purchased through buyhear.com. For more detailed information on our internet sales policy, please visit resound.com/internet-sales-policy.

After reading the statement, we immediately checked BuyHear’s website to see if they are still promoting product warranties for ReSound hearing aids, and sure enough, they are promising a three year product warranty:

BuyHear.com warranty

Recommendation for Consumers

We believe in the gold standard of audiological service when it comes to hearing aid fittings, and generally do not advise consumers to purchase from direct-to-consumer businesses. However, if you are planning to purchase online, please do your due diligence first and contact the relevant hearing aid manufacturer first to confirm that you aren’t buying a product with no warranty!

Lastly, know your rights! If you have already purchased hearing aids from an online retailer, and have been refused warranty support from a hearing aid manufacturer, you are within your rights to demand that the online retailer honor the warranty themselves, and that means they should be responsible for covering the cost of repairs / replacements that would normally be covered by the promised manufacturer warranty.

Best of luck, and please be careful!

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